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We believe that circular economy is possible, but it will require innovative mindsets, new ways of collaboration and lots of courage.


​The Loop Factory was founded to ensure entrepreneurial thinking and speed-to-market in the innovation process. The Loop Factory stands for implementation power, reduced risk-taking and speeding up your innovation efficiency.


Our business is based on proven innovation research showing that successful innovations are born through collaborations and when projects are run outside the traditional organization. The potential lies in an increased success rate, from 5 to 95%, which leads to increased efficiency and in total a lower investment in the innovation work.


The Loop Factory offers a platform for successful sustainable innovations, from idea to commercialization. We are dedicated to creating a more sustainable future, where our professional skills, lab and networks are utilized to make a change.


Our business concept ensures that our customers and partners become the best in the world on circular initiatives. We offer an innovation hub for new cross-border collaborations where the entrepreneurial spirit is in focus.

The Loop Factory are specialists in developing and realising sustainable solutions within materials, products and technology solutions with core competences within sustainable strategies, renewable and unused resources. 


Our innovation model reduces the risk from idea to implementation, having control of resources, the process and costs. We also offer opportunities for joint ventures to facilitate commercialization and speed-to-market.


Anna Altner

Founder & CEO

Lars Altner

Chairman of the board

Anders Altner

Production specialist & engineering

Mia Nylin

Administration manager

Maria Englander

Material & application specialist

Helena Tuvendal

Senior project manager

Pontus Törnqvist

Circular designer

Linnea Johnsson

Project manager

Marcus Corin

Technical specialist & engineering

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Industrivägen 6B, 432 40 Varberg, Sweden