Press release, 20.09.2021

Yangi + Holmen Iggesund.

Exploring new sustainable packaging solutions with Holmen Iggesund.


Photo: Holmen Iggesund / Justin Rubin

Together with Holmen Iggesund and with the support from Grow Future of Packaging Lab Yangi has explored new sustainable concepts for formable solutions based on Yangi Dry Forming technology. The result: The Conic prototype concept, a completely wood-based solution where Yangi represents a conical shaped refill that could be used for creams or liquid soaps.

Yangi dry forming technology developed by the Loop Factory uses fibres in a dry state, without water. The technology allows resource efficient production with high capacity with the potential to replace plastics on a large scale.

1050 conic 10.jpg

Photo: Holmen Iggesund / Justin Rubin

”Collaboration is at the core of this concept. To scale Yangi technology the team is working in joint development with multiple partners in the packaging value chain”, says Johann Kaiser, CEO of Yangi.