Our mission is to scale sustainable innovations faster. The business idea is based on proven innovation research showing that successful innovations are born through collaborations and when projects can be hosted outside the traditional organization. The potential lies in an increased success rate, from 5 to 95%, which leads to increased efficiency and in total a lower investment in the innovation work.

Driven by purpose

We believe that circular economy is possible, but it will require innovative mindsets, new ways of collaboration and lots of courage. Our team is passionate about creating a true innovation culture that is characterized by curiosity, inspiration, joy and everyone's ability to grow.

Collaboration to unlock the unseen potential


Solving sustainability challenges are a complex business. There is most often no obvious solution or replacing one-by-one. Hence groundbreaking collaborations, different approaches, such as questioning norms and cultures will be needed.

From idea to implementation


The Loop Factory offers a platform for successful sustainable innovations, from idea to commercialization. We are dedicated to creating a more sustainable future, where our professional skills, lab and networks are utilized to make a change. Our business concept ensures that our customers and partners become the best in the world on circular initiatives. We offer an innovation hub for new cross-border collaborations where the entrepreneurial spirit is in focus.​

Our story


The Loop Factory is an innovation company founded in 2014. From the start the ambition has been to provide a collaboration platform & entrepreneurial culture for technology & material driven innovations helping partners to scale sustainable innovations faster.


With our expertise within innovation strategy, renewable materials and unused resources, we design, test, and speed up innovative circular concepts together with our partners.​


The Loop Factory Team is a mix of senior competences from innovation and industry, combining engineering and material science with design and agile thinking.​



We are based on the Swedish west coast, where our lab and skilled staff are located. We work with local and global partners, ranging from ambitious entrepreneurs and public sector to global corporations.