In our lab we expeiment with materials

Elaborating ideas and exploring the potential in materials, technologies and products. In The Loop Lab innovations can develop faster, by using rapid prototyping and a practical development approach.

In order to meet different needs, we are constantly improving and updating The Loop Lab, adapting it to meet project requirements now and in the future. We are experts in modifying and retrofit trial equipment for different purposes.


For our partners, The Loop Lab also offers possibilities for hosting equipment and partnering in joint innovation.​

In the lab we also have possibilities to perform micro production or by our networks secure production in larger scale. The lab is constantly under development and improvement related to the projects we are working with.


Some of our equipment in the lab:

  • 3D forming & heat pressing

  • Finishing, such as laser cutting, punching and sheet cutting

  • 3D printing

  • Various equipment for milling and material separation

  • Airlaid pilot machine

  • Equipment for evaluating climate and strength properties

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