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Impact innovation for more sustainability
Yangi is a sustainable packaging technology
A new material manufacturing solution

If the industries keep producing plastic as we currently do, the CO2 emissions will double by 2050 to 85 million tons. The fact that only 10% of the world's plastic is being recycled is an evidence of that the system doesn't work, and as a result of this the nature is flodded by plastic waste. 60% of this waste comes from the plastic packaging industry.

Yangi is a manufacturing technology for dry molded cellulose based packaging, which is the best alternative to rigid plastic packaging in terms of performance, cost and environmental impact. It is a result of more than more than 10 years of R&D work. By combining two different technology platforms it is possible to go from paper pulp into ready made packaging, using minimal amounts of water.

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Yangi was born from the recognition of the opportunity to use dry processes for 3D-forming of fibre based cellulose. The story starts in 2013 when we by accident heard about an old R&D project that hadn´t been finalised. We were shown to a potato storage that also stored the project’s documentation and test equipment, and it was instantly love at first sight.


The Loop Factory was established and the development of Yangi could start, building on the acquired R&D project.  Since then, Yangi has been transformed to an efficient manufacturing process and material solution and is now ready to meet the market. Consumer expectations, legislations and brand strategies says that the timing is right. With its unique setup, Yangi has a role in facilitating the transition from single use plastic packaging to cellulose-based 3D-packaging.


At The Loop Factory, our team has unique competences within the technology and senior expertise in packaging and materials. We have in-house capacity for pilot trials and material development, and this gives us the best possibilities to run innovation.

Our solution for cellulose packaging production
Less environmental impact

Compared to other pulp- and paper based technologies, Yangi offers an efficient solution for replacing plastics.


Our solution is designed for the capacity needs in the packaging industry and can be customised depending on your requirements.

Some key benefits with Yangi


Lower CO2 emission than plastic.


Less energy consumption.


Recycleable and renewable material that fits into existing recycling systems.


Lower cycle times.

Unique packaging offer
The future of packaging

The Loop Factory has long experience in working with the technology platform. Our team consists of senior specialists, combining experiences from cellulose technology, industrialization and packaging applications.

In our lab, we have pilot and prototype possibilities for developing customised material and technology solutions. We have in-house designers that can work with developing customer specific formats and portfolios. We have capabilities and a supplier network for delivering production solutions.


We work in partnerships with our customers securing the best business set up!

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