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Key enabling technology to reduce plastic.

*Ellen MacArthur Foundation*

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Yangi is a Sweden based green tech company with an innovation that replaces rigid plastic packaging with dry molded cellulose. Together with global brand owners, material suppliers and concious consumers, we’re growing towards becoming the leading cellulose alternative. 

The Yangi technology

Yangi is a disruptive manufacturing technology in a packaging segment that is changing on a global scale. Rigid plastic packaging doesn’t meet the necessary environmental terms, and Yangi is the best competitor in terms of performance and cost. 

Our renewable and recyclable cellulose material lays the foundation of a circular system, combined with our Yangi technology that allows for challenging and precise design. We offer a solution to the consumer’s and legislation’s demands, where sustainability is a matter of course and exclusivity. 

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*Unique Selling Points*

-75% Lower CO2 emission than plastic 

-30% Lower cost than existing bio-based solutions 

-85% Less water consumption 

-75% Less energy consumption 

-50% Lower investment and tooling cost 

1-2 Sec cycle times 

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Wet molding

A new system designed for a new system approach

Plastic is a great material in many ways, and in many ways it is too great for its purpose. It is a fact that the recycling system of plastic doesn’t work, and this makes packaging waste a global concern. Every year we produce 25,8 million tons of plastic waste, and 60 % of this is packaging. Less than 5 % of plastic packaging has a functionable recycling system. These figures combined with new legislations and consumer awareness  proves that packaging needs not only new alternatives, but a new system approach.

Yangi is the Uzbek word for new. Why? It just felt new. Just like our dry fiber molding technology feels.


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Material suppliers

Brand owners

Packaging producers


The story of Yangi

More personal than 10 years of R&D

Yangi was born from the recognition of the opportunity to use dry processes for 3D-forming of fibre based cellulose. The story starts in 2013 when we by accident heard about an old R&D project that hadn´t been finalised. We were shown to a potato storage that also stored the project’s documentation and test equipment, and it was instantly love at first sight. 

The Loop Factory was established and the development of Yangi could start, building on the acquired R&D project.  Since then, Yangi has been transformed to an efficient manufacturing process and material solution and is now ready to meet the market. Consumer expectations, legislations and brand strategies says that the timing is right. With its unique setup, Yangi has a role in facilitating the transition from single use plastic packaging to cellulose-based 3D-packaging. 

At The Loop Factory, our team has unique competences within the technology and senior expertise in packaging and materials. We have in-house capacity for pilot trials and material development, and this gives us the best possibilities to run innovation. 


The dedicated team

Some of our clients & friends

We work with a variety of clients within the consumer goods (FMCG) and hospitality (HORECA) sector. Through proof of concept and design studies tailored to their individual needs we enable our clients to unleash the full potential of the dry moulding technology.  

In our lab, we have pilot and prototype possibilities for developing customised material and technology solutions. Our in-house designers can work with developing customer specific formats and portfolios. 


Through our capabilities and supplier network we have the ability to deliver production solutions.  

Soon we will even be able to offer small-scale pilot and prototype series production using the Yangi technology. 

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