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Concepts & prototypes

From idea to proof of concept.

In our lab, we design and test ideas and transfer them to validated prototypes and concepts, ready for implementation. From early stage, small scale tests and prototyping with “fail faster-methodology” to final concept development. 

Our core competences are within material, product and process development based on recycled or renewable raw materials.

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The Loop Factory development model minimizes risk and ensures speed-to-market approach, from early ideation to proof of concept. The model includes the following innovation phases:

  1. Ideation – idea generation and finetuning setting project scope

  2. Feasibility study – early exploration and business evaluation of concepts

  3. Pilot project – developing technologies and evaluation of prototypes, further elaborating the business case.

  4. Proof of concept – last step including technology/product and customer validation, preparing for business and investment decision

  5. Technology transfer or JV set up for commercialisation.

Read more about our infrastructure and pilot capabilities in The Loop Lab.

Our offer ranges from single projects to being your long term partner in sustainable innovations.

Some of our services:

  • Material survey including experimental evaluation of material properties

  • Material preparation, such as shredding & granulation

  • Material and product design, from early concepts to final product

  • Prototyping

  • Micro scale production

  • Tooling design

  • Process and machine design

  • Material testing – strength & climate properties