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Strategies & insights

It all begins with people.

Increasing people’s awareness and understanding as well as creating curiosity to facilitate change. We arrange events, lectures and workshops to encourage circular thinking. We boost your projects, bringing in new perspectives and visions.

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Over the years we have learned that companies tend to focus on technical issues and forget the most important factor for successful implementation – committed people.

Strategies and insights is about having the right foundation for accelerating the transmission to circular economy. The Loop Factory can support in developing circular business strategies, employee and stakeholder’s engagement and collecting data and information required for better decisions.

Some of our services:

  • Strategy and business modelling for circular economy

  • Developing sustainable portfolio for future products

  • Workshops for brainstorming, increased engagement and knowledge

  • Educations in areas related to circular economy, materials and bioeconomy

  • Storytelling for internal and external communication

  • Evaluation of business strategy in relation to SDG’s (Sustainable business goals)

  • Environmental evaluation, for example climate impact calculations

  • Desktop studies and evaluation of material and technology solutions

  • Project management

  • Public funding and writing proposals